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Funny Christmas Jumper

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Funny Christmas Jumper – Our Story

Here at ‘Funny Christmas Jumper’ we believe that behind every funny Christmas jumper will be a funny Christmas story. Love them or loathe them you have to admit that a brightly adorned jumper is now as much a part of this joyous season as turkey, the Christmas tree and all those snow sprinkled cards we love to send.
Does Christmas in your family mean you dig out your traditional Christmas jumper from the back of your wardrobe and wear it from Christmas Eve onwards? Or maybe your family tradition is to purchase a new Christmas jumper each year and wear it with pride? Maybe you dread getting a Christmas jumper knitted by your Gran but you know that she does it with so much love you are still happy to wear it to Christmas lunch.

What’s Your Favourite Design?

There are now so many designs for Christmas jumpers and the range is growing year on year. Is your favourite design Santa Claus, a snowman, reindeer, a more subtle holly theme or perhaps you prefer a huge design of Rudolph’s face complete with red nose? Whatever your choice, you will find something to entertain you here.Rudolph-The-Reindeer-Navy-Family-Funny-Christmas-Jumper-2015
What Do We Offer?
Our aim is to educate, inform and entertain you about the ubiquitous funny Christmas jumper. We will examine the history of the funny Christmas jumper and how it has found its way into our hearts. We will also feature stories relating to last year’s Christmas party disasters and we will want to hear all your Christmas related anecdotes, the funnier the better.
Family Friendly
We want to appeal to the whole family so this is definitely a fun, child-friendly space. Maybe you enjoy crafts with your kids and if so you may want to work with them to create a new Christmas themed jumper of your own making. This is a project where children can really let their imaginations run wild and add as many colourful ornaments and glitter as they wish to.
Coming up in November we will be running a competition, just for kids, where we will look to find the funniest Christmas jumper in the land. Keep a look out for that one!
Are You Ready to Have Fun?
Above all we believe that Christmas jumpers are fun. If you can’t wear something brightly coloured and which features reindeers or elves at Christmas, then when can you wear it?
A Christmas jumper is all about fun, laughter and, dare I say it, being a little bit silly. Join us in having fun and browse our site to see all we offer. Then you can count down the days until you get to wear your gorgeous funny Christmas jumper. Now, just how many sleeps are left?